London’s Must-see Cultural Hotspots

London, with its ancient roots and eclectic history, is a city of many activities and sights to see. Each year, millions of visitors come to London to take part, even if briefly, in the pulse and rhythm of a busy capitol. For those culturally inclined, London has a dizzying array of museums, galleries and exhibitions. Take advantage of all that London has with the London Pass, the free ticket for many of these locations. The London Pass is a purchased card that will provide access and transportation to many London sights. It is valid for however many days you purchase it for.

The British Museum is a must-see with its many galleries and rooms stocked full of antiquities. There is an ever changing schedule of events and activities for everyone. The staff rotates their collections for a fresh perspective each month. And with a museum shop and restaurant, you can spend the entire day here. The Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels, an impressive display of the jewels owned by the Royal Family. There are other tours and exhibitions at the tower but check their website for a complete schedule. The British Library holds some of the world’s most famous and ancient texts in their vaults. Come and enjoy the smell of pages and pages of books. Temporary exhibits are also available in the galleries.

The two Tate Galleries are art museums, one of modern art and the other a repository of the national British art collection. Tate Modern is the most visited modern art museum in the world with both having permanent as well as changing exhibitions of their collections. The National Portrait Gallery is a free museum holding portraits of people from the 16th century to the present. There are over 160,000 pieces of artwork in the collection. The Design Museum is devoted to contemporary design in general, from graphics to lifestyle. Take a look at the exhibitions on how design impacts everyday life. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also on art and design. Here as in others, there are permanent displays of their collection with a changing schedule of events and temporary displays. This is considered the world’s greatest collection of art and design.

The Science Museum answers the questions on past, present and future technologies. The hands-on exhibits appeal to the younger set and those who enjoy science and technology. IMAX movies and 4D simulators are available for an additional fee. The Natural History Museum looks at the natural world past and present. Again another hit with the kids, the museum has many educational opportunities and resources. Collections include over 70 million specimens acquired from over 400 years. Check out the diversity of life on planet Earth and discover what it means to be human.

There is just never enough time to see it all when in London. This list is just some of the cultural hotspots and does not even begin to cover all other attractions. London is busy, London is eclectic, London is diverse and London is a place to return to time and time again.

Secret Places to Visit in London

When visiting London there are a lot of must see tourist attractions, though there are some great places to visit off the beaten track. Some are just odd attractions that can be seen in between trips to larger places, but all are worthwhile and are on the rare side of tourist attractions.

The Woolwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames River was made to offer pedestrians an alternative way to cross the River Thames, without having to take the ferry. It is also a nifty little spot in London to visit. It is not very wide but runs around twelve hundred feet long and is impressive considering it is over one hundred years old and underwater. The walls are painted a stark bright white, making the tunnel look like a set in a science fiction movie, or the world’s largest CAT scan machine.

Another secret spot would be Ringo Starr’s old apartment. After he left John Lennon and Yoko Ono made it their first home together. Not only were several of the Beatles songs written in the apartment but it was the set for John and Yoko’s Two Virgins album cover, in which they were completely nude. The famous drug bust in 1968 was also in this apartment. However, many people do not know that Jimi Hendrix also rented this apartment, until he was evicted for painting the walls black. Giving this apartment an extraordinary history and people a great place to visit that is not popularly known.

In between site seeing and running around all over London, everybody should stop and try a bite to eat at the not too well known Café in the Crypt. Located in the Crypt of St. Martin in the Field Church, a lively art venue, this little café offers various gourmet meals at great prices. This secret café is a wonderful place in London.

To finish any wonderful day in London no matter what the attractions that were seen, a trip to Callooh Callay, a secret bar hidden behind a really large closet, will be a great selection. This bar’s décor was inspired by the poem from Alice in Wonderland called Jabberwocky. It serves very unique drinks and delicious snacks, is very cozy as well. A great secret spot in London that anyone can appreciate and enjoy, plus it will not break the bank either.

While visiting London, try to make the trip an unforgettable one that is unique. Nobody wants to go through a run-off-the-mill tour itinerary even they don’t have any special options. Still, finding places that are off the beaten path can have its pay offs, if the right research is done. Some attractions that are not well known but should be checked out are: the Woolworth Tunnel under the Thames River, Ringo Starrs old apartment which also housed John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Jimi Hendrix, Café in the Crypt a unique eatery, and a bar that is literally hiding out the Callooh Calley. All of these secret places in London England offer different experiences but, there are many more secret places to be discovered.

List of London’s Quirkiest Attractions

London is a funky, eclectic city with many attractions and things to do. It has a little something for everyone’s tastes. This list covers the more unusual aspects of London.

The famous London Eye is perfect to get a bird’s eye view of the capital of Great Britain. An impressive 135 meters high, the London Eye is a traditional Ferris wheel made over in modern style with 32 metallic capsules holding 25 people each. For those undaunted by the height, it’s a terrific view from up high.

Madame Tussauds is the famous home of the wax figures. Check out the Royals and all the other figures of British fame. Marie Tussaud, a wax sculpturer from France created the wax museum in 1775 and some of her original pieces are still on display today. There are a number of her museums in major cities of the world.

The London Dungeon is an attraction covering the 1000 years of horror and gore. With 14 shows and one thrill ride, here is an experience not to be missed. It covers the goriest parts of British history including the great plague, the fire of London, and the time of Jack the Ripper. Take a look at the torture chamber and even a haunted mansion. For those who love scary, the Dungeon is the place to go.

Along the lines of fantastic, Ripley’s Believe It or Not showcases the weird and the wonderful. From flea circuses to shrunken heads, everyone will love looking at the strange displays from around the world. Created by Robert Ripley in the early 1900’s, the idea was originally a cartoon series based on the bizarre sports facts and then evolved into bizarre general facts from around the world. It now encompasses more than 80 different attractions on the premise of strange facts that may not be believable.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes flock to 221B Baker Street to see his apartment. Step back in time and check out his digs! The museum is small with only static displays but for readers of Arthur Conan Doyle, this may be an important attraction to visit.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum is the strangest of all museums with its display of an operating theatre from the early 1800’s. It is located within a church and part of a woman’s ward of a hospital. A surgical demonstration is available every week to present how early surgery was performed before anesthetics became widely used. Another museum dedicated to medicine is the Anesthesia Museum, a collection related to the history of pain relief. This collection was started by Dr. Jake Johnston and has since been added to for teaching purposes. Other types of medical equipment of historical relevance have been acquired by the museum staff for a more complete display.

London can be cultural, artistic and historical. London is exciting and energetic and London can also be fun and quirky as shown by this list of attractions.

Upbeat for The 2012 Olympics

One of the best things about London, is the West End. The city is synonymous with its leisure and vibrant theatrical entertainment as the theater district is located in the area. If Broadway is to New York City, West End is to London. Here, musicals, plays and comedy performances are staged in its over 40 venues encompassing the heart of Theatreland, the new name for the now defunct West End Theatre.

London is the largest metropolitan center in the whole of Europe. Within this vast urban landscape, are various tourist attractions that keep Londoners proud of their city. These include historical, cultural and architectural marvels such as museums and galleries, bridges, palaces, schools, government buildings, parks and gardens, theatres and music halls, churches and abbeys among others.

With the hosting of the Summer Olympics Games in 2012, London is again in the center of the world’s attention. Come July 2012, the city, once again, will showcase its treasure to the world in the form of sports and sportsmanship. No other city in the world has hosted the Olympics more than three times since the modern Olympic Games started in 1896. The Londoners of course are proud of their city as they celebrate the Olympic spirit descending down their great city.

London is now abuzz with the biggest event of 2012, the Summer Olympic Games, considered as the greatest sports spectacle on earth. Posters and other promotional materials are already visible all over the city. Until then, the city will witness a huge influx of local and foreign tourists alike, including the athletes and officials to the Games. Majority of these foreign visitors are expected to come from neighboring European countries.

As the big event is drawing nearer, it is advisable that tourists should book their hotel rooms this early. While London reportedly has enough rooms for the expected number of tourists coming to the Olympics, many observers worry about room shortage. However, it is always a good idea to make sure you get a room early on to avoid the scenario of getting your booking refused. Remember, that London is known for its expensive accommodations, even to budget travelers. On average, the standard room of a three-star hotel in London costs more than a standard room of a five-star hotel in some holiday destinations in Asia. In March 2011, London hotels are ranked as the 8th most expensive in the world.

Organizers have it that the most expensive seats to the 2012 Summer Games can fetch up to £2,012 at the opening ceremony. Tickets for general admission usually cost between £20 and £50 for non-popular sports such as archery, hockey and judo. Tickets to spectator sports such as football cost more. The organizers gave an estimate of 8 million tickets available for the Games. The first and second rounds of ticket sales took place in March 2010 and July 2011 respectively which saw a total of 3.5 million tickets sold.

If you are planning to come to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, you better prepare everything ahead. Check out available tickets for your favorite sports during the third round of ticket sales, happening early next year. Getting a hotel room is the most important thing you need to do when you fly to London for the Games. See you there!

Shop til You Drop in London

Shopping in London is an experience to remember. With an amazing array of shops and boutiques, there is nothing you can’t find in London town. Start your day with an easy browse in a Waterstone’s Piccadilly. It’s Europe’s largest bookstore with 13 kilometers of book shelves and grab yourself a cup of coffee from the bar while you go thru that large stack of books. It’s close to lunchtime, so head over to Harrod’s. All the major brand names are here. Pick up some gifts for your friends and family. You’ll find lots to look at and even thing you never thought you’d see. For lunch, try one of Harrod’s six restaurants. You can’t miss. The Terrace Bar is fantastic for a light lunch and if you arrive a bit later, try the tea at the Laduree, a Parisian tearoom. Downstairs in the cellar area, is Harrod’s famous food hall where you can find all sorts of goodies, fresh as well as ready to eat.

If you’re looking for boutiques, try the shops at Notting Hill or Portobello Road with its quirky little shops full of unique items. One major chain, All Saints, has a large shop there. The famous Portobello Market runs every Saturday with some stalls open during the week. Another well-known open air market is the Camden Market with over 1000 stalls and shops full of a dizzying amount of products. Located on an old canal, the market is open all week long with many restaurants and coffee shops in the area. The atmosphere of this market is definitely unique and upbeat full of lively young people.

Window shopping can’t get any better than at Covent Garden, an enclosed mall located in the historic Market Building. There’s even a crafts market in the stalls just outside the building. Each month, different events are scheduled at Covent Garden making this place a fun and exciting place to be. Canada Square is another mall located in London’s Docklands with more than 200 shops full of high end retail. This modern space is open seven days a week.

For trendy and unique, King’s Row is the place to be. You’ll find many designer shops, unique labels, and funky inspiration at this location. The original punk queen herself, Vivienne Westwood, still maintains a shop on King’s Row. Let’s not forget TopShop for trendy women’s shopping. You’ll find TopShop on Oxford Street with other chain stores.

Tottenham Court Road is divided into two sections, the northern area is for furniture shopping and the southern half for electronic shopping. For all the computer geeks and nerds, this is your heaven. And if you’re looking for furniture, this is the road where you can find Habitat, the famous Terence Conran home furnishings shop.

London is the perfect town to shop. There is a shop for everything and whether it’s for gifts, for your family, or for yourself, you will be able to find it in London.

Playing Poker in London

Playing poker in London is something that many people enjoy. It’s becoming just as popular as it is in the United States. Many people from all over play poker in London via internet and many go to the casinos that are there as well.

There are some games when you play poker in London that don’t pay well or all that well for that matter. That is why there are many resources to show one who wanted to play in London where all the hot spots are. These are where you can earn some big money when you play and win.

There are a number or resources that are also open to those who wanted to talk poker with those who play poker in London. They can get some great tips from people who work the casinos and have made a nice sum of money.

If one isn’t sure what games are being played or where one can go, there are a number of resources for those who play where you can find the tournaments that are going on for that week. That way you know where you should be when you want to win some serious cash.

Not only is poker played in casinos like it is in the United States. The game is also played in what is called poker clubs, such as the Riley Poker Club. These are quite the elite places to go to play the game many have found.

When one goes to London to play poker, many will find that these casinos and poker clubs are located in areas where hotels can be found and accommodations can be made. They are located very near these places so no one has to wonder how they are going to get there.

It’s important that when one goes to play poker here, one should be aware that the casino of choice changes often. So, in order to know which one to go to, one should be aware of which one is highly recommended. That is why there are so many resources available to people who are looking to travel to London to play this game.

Many will find that there is at least one poker tournament going on in London. It’s never too hard to find one. If one prefers an online game, then there are even more tournaments online as well. That is why there are so many who keep up on the game and learn the tricks of the trait to beat the opponents and win the money that is to be the prize. It’s said that there are some really good players in London and anyone can read up on them.

There is always something to learn about poker when you play it in London. It doesn’t vary from country to country. What do vary are the tips. You might find that you can learn more when you play in London as opposed to playing here. As with anything else that has to do with poker, you can read up about it on the online resources that they have available.

Tips for Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a game that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a type of poker that bears a strong resemblance to a cross between five card stud and blackjack. Even people who don’t enjoy more traditional forms of poker often find that they like Caribbean stud because they are only playing against the dealer, not the entire table. Another thing that some people like about Caribbean stud is that they don’t have to worry about bluffing. Even someone who’s face shows their ever thought will enjoy this game.

While there are lots of things to love about Caribbean stud, players need to be aware of one thing before they sit at the table and make their first wager. When you are playing, you are actually playing against the house. Since the house always wins, you need to decide that you are playing for kicks, and not to make a lot of money.

Caribbean stud is simple. It is easy to learn. You could sit at the table and pick it up pretty fast, but knowing how to play before you sit down will boost your confidence and increase the chances that you will go home with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

The first thing you will have to do when you are playing Caribbean stud is lay a bet on the table. This bet states that even though a single card has been dealt, you are confident that the dealer will deal you a better hand than they will deal themselves.

After everyone at the table has placed their bet, the dealer deals everyone, including themselves five cards. You are allowed to look at your cards, but you may not show them to anyone else. The casino doesn’t want you looking at everyone’s hand and predicting what kind of cards the dealer is holding.

The PokerStar dealer is going to turn over four of their cards, leaving one as the hold card. At this point you need to make a decision. If you are confident that your hand is better than the dealers, you should increase your bet. If you don’t think you can beat them, you should fold.

When the second round of betting is completed, the dealer will turn over their hold card. When this card is turned over, the game is concluded. If you have the better hand, you collect the winnings. If the dealer’s hand is better, you get nothing.

The better you know poker, the easier it is going to be to determine the whether you should hold or fold after the cards have been dealt.

In order for the dealer to win, they must be showing a hand that includes either an ace or a king. If neither of these two cards are showing the round is considered a bust, and you will get your ante bet back. Without an ace or king in the dealer’s hand, the second bet is considered a push, and does not win nor does it lose.

The biggest thing to remember when you are playing Caribbean Stud is to talk to the other people who are playing with you and spend a lot of time laughing. The more you allow yourself to relax and have a good time, the more you will enjoy the game of Caribbean stud poker.

Making Money While Playing Poker

There are lots of different reasons why people play poker. Some people enjoy the thrill of the game, others like the camaraderie that they develop during the course of the game, some players enjoy testing their wits against others, and some find the rhythm of the game soothing. One of the biggest reasons why some people play poker is because they want to make money. They don’t care if they are playing against their friends or against total strangers; their goal is to leave the table with more money than they started out with.

If you are someone who plays poker for the sole purpose of making money, you need to be honest with yourself. Don’t try to dupe yourself into thinking that you might have a better reason. There is nothing wrong with playing for money, but when you know that it why you play, you can adjust your strategy to help you potentially increase your winnings.

When you sit down to the table with the idea that you are going to win money, you have to respect the game. Don’t treat it as a game; you need to understand that not only is playing poker a science, when it is done correctly, a round of poker can become a beautiful art. By treating the game with reverence, you will develop a better understanding of poker and slowly increase the chances of you winning more pots than you lose.

For the most part, players who are after money are normally the best poker player at the table. Part of the reason for this is because they are the ones who have taken the time to really learn the ins and outs of the game. The other reason is because they instinctively exude a cool confidence that tends to unnerve the other players at the table, causing them to make mistakes. While the confidence can be a very good thing, you need to be careful. Too much confidence can be an Achilles heel. You can’t let yourself start thinking that you are incapable of losing because such thoughts will make you both careless and reckless.

If you are playing poker for the single purpose of making money, you need to approach it the same way you would any other job, with seriousness and commitment. You cannot focus just on learning the game. Sure knowing how to handle the cards is important, but at its heart, poker is about people, and the way people react to certain situations. The best poker players in the world are the ones who have spent a considerable amount of their time watching people and learning how to read them. The better you are able to read the subtle nuances of a person’s body language, the more likely you will be to know when to hold and when to fold.

Just because you are playing for money doesn’t mean that you can get sloppy with your funds. True you are going to be playing for higher stakes and risking more of your income than someone who is just playing for kicks, but you still can’t afford bet everything on a hand of poker. Make sure you always still have a little money left in the bank when you are done.

Tips for Playing Multiple Poker Games At Once

One thing that comes across everyone’s mind when they’re playing internet poker is whether or not they are capable of multi-tabling. A lot of experienced poker players multi-table because they are able to post more profit although for some players they will actually do worse then if they were just playing on one table. There are multiple tips that I would like to share with you today on the topic of multi-tabling and they are all listed below.

* Make sure you don’t rush into multi-tabling because it will generally not work out very well for several reasons. You need to play a lot of online poker so that you gain experience playing the game and you also need to post profits before you can start playing on multiple tables. When you do end up playing on multiple tables you will want to make sure that you take it very slow and you don’t start playing 10 games right away.

* Whether you’re playing in a cash game or you’re playing in a tournament it’s important that you play at the same stakes. It isn’t as important when you’re playing in a tournament, but when you’re multi-tabling cash games you need to play the same limits. If you’re not playing on the same limit tables then you will easily be confused when the screens start popping up and you’ll be bound to make a mistake. If you play the same stakes then you won’t need to alter your strategy on any of the tables and you can focus on playing your best game for the limits you chose to play on.

* Since you will be playing multiple poker games on Club WPT at once with your own money on the line you want to ensure you will have no other distractions when you’re playing as well as you are getting the best possible rakeback deal available. Often the TV, music and computer can become distracting for players and if you aren’t focusing it could cost you a lot of money potentially.

* As you move up tables and start playing more poker make sure you don’t become overwhelmed by the rush and stick to the basics. You need to keep track of your stats as you play and you need to make sure that you’re still posting profits. The second you notice profits taking a dip you will want to analyze whether or not you’re playing too many games at once.

* Some poker sites like Full Tilt Poker will allow you to resize the poker room screen so that you can fit multiple screens onto your computer at once. If the poker room you use allows this make sure you take advantage of it. If the poker doesn’t allow this feature then you will need to open each poker room up from the bottom menu on your computer.

Multi-tabling is a super profitable way for thousands of poker players to earn more money then if they just played one game at a time. If you’re going to multi-table and plan on playing lots of poker make sure you sign yourself up for a rakeback account so you can receive money back every week from the rake you lose to the poker room.

New 2010 PokerStars VIP Program Updates

For those of you that don’t already know, there have been some new changes made to the PokerStars VIP Program for 2010 and they will stay in effect forever. The changes to the VIP Program have made it much more beneficial for players and you’ll be able to earn a lot more money throughout the year with the new features. For those of you that don’t have any idea what the PokerStars VIP Program is, we’re going to walk you through everything that you need to know about the program.

VIP Program Levels

There are multiple VIP levels at PokerStars and the higher you make it up the ladder, the more rewards you’ll be able to earn. To reach one of the higher VIP levels at PokerStars all you need to do is earn the required amount of VPP’s each month. The two highest VIP levels are based on yearly VPP totals and not monthly so if you make it to one of the top two levels then you’ll be able to keep that level for an entire year.

* BronzeStar VIP Level – 0 VPP’s required
* SilverStar VIP Level – 750 VPP’s required monthly
* GoldStar VIP Level – 3000 VPP’s required monthly
* PlatinumStar VIP Level – 7500 VPP’s required monthly
* Supernova VIP Level – 100,000 VPP’s required annually
* Supernova Elite VIP Level – 1,000,000 VPP’s required annually

One of the changes made to the Poker Stars VIP Program for 2010 was the amount of VPP’s required for SilverStar. You use to need 1200 VPP’s a month in order to maintain SilverStar status, but now you only need to earn 750 VPP’s monthly. Every level of the PokerStars VIP Program opens up new rewards and bonuses. You should check out the PokerStars website to find out exactly what benefits become available to you when you earn a certain VIP level.

Changes to PokerStars VIP Program

* If you’ve always wanted to play against one of the PokerStars Pros such as daniel negreanu it has now become a lot easier. For those of you that are SilverStar VIP status or higher you’ll be able to buy tickets into sit and go tournaments where you’ll be able to play against a PokerStars Pro.

* The weekly $75K Freeroll Tournaments have been changed and instead of offering them PokerStars will offer one tournament every three months with a prize pool of $1 million. All Supernova VIP players will earn a free ticket to the tournament and all PlatinumStar and GoldStar VIP’s will be able to earn a seat into this quarterly freeroll.

* You’ll be able to earn FPP’s and VPP’s a lot quicker now with the new simplified method of calculating how these points are distributed. Many tournament players complained that we don’t earn enough VPP’s or FPP’s for the time we spend playing and PokerStars has listened to us and changed the rules.

* PokerStars also added a completely unique and new feature to the VIP Program known as the “VIP Stellar Rewards” feature. This new feature will allow players to earn an extra $1000 a year through the VIP Program without having to spend your FPP’s. In order to earn money from this new feature you simply need to earn VPP’s in the poker room. Every time you reach one of the listed VPP plateaus your account will automatically be credited with the bonus. The first VIP Stellar Rewards bonus is $10 and will be added to your account when you earn 750 VPP’s this year. The highest plateau is 90K VPP’s and when you reach this plateau you’ll receive $100 bringing your total amount earned up to $1000 on the year.

Some Things to Know about London for the Tourists Out There

There are many who travel to London. Many people have their own reasons to. For some, it’s a matter of visiting the royalty and maybe seeing a glimpse of them around. For others, it’s the rich history that London has to offer.

There are many places to go once a tourist comes to London. Many venues are there to enjoy the time that tourists have there. One can become acquainted with the people who are famous to London by visiting the National Portrait Gallery. There are other places as well from museums to so much more.

Tours can be set up so that anyone can go to see the things that matter most. One can take a tour of the river way. Now days, you can take a tour through London while using your MP3 tour. You don’t even have to pay a tour guide. Others know that London is full of amazing history dating all the way back to the 1800’s which is why some think that there are haunted areas of London and sign up for such tours.

If one gets hungry while they tour around, one can go to many of the pubs or any of the restaurants and taste some of the foods that are very well known in the London culture. One of the most favorable things that people do is they eat an early dinner on their way to the theater which is something else that gets a lot of tourists. One can even find a vegetarian meal and a cup of tea which are things that are quite new to the London area.

Accommodation in London varies as well. There are the typical hotels as well as the bed and breakfasts. There are other areas that might rent out a bit of space to make it feel more like home if one is traveling with the family.

One doesn’t even have to worry about traveling in London. This is pretty easy. There is a number of different public transportation that is very easy to navigate through. Many who aren’t from London find it difficult to actually drive when they aren’t accustomed to this way of driving. That is why many take the bus or they take a cab. They just find it easier and since London is always busy, many won’t even ponder the idea of driving in London.

Just as with anyplace, sports in London are a part of life. What might be normal to one area might not be the same. What sports are hot in London? Football and tennis are two different sports that are popular in the area. There is also cricket. One of the other sports that is gaining some popularity is horse racing.

Many might wonder if there is a need for a visa when they visit London. Yes and no is the answer to this. It all depends on what you are going to be doing in London and how long you are going to be here if you will need a visa for going here. Students who study in London will need a visa to do their studies.